Mountain Climbing 101



My book series is starting to be released now.


MC101 - Escorts - Book 4 of 4 (The Book of(s) + Stories from Appointment Land) should be released soon.


Use coupon code "FREE" to get the "Amuse Bouche" version of Book 1 of 4 for free.



For ladies who would like to enter the business invisibly (or with a big splash), better understand the client community, make money that will change your life, and plan your journey wisely, my book series will be an easy-to-follow guide to create your own game plan and make it through everything safely and smoothly.


Some of these books are about one lady's journey. I am the living history book of the industry and have produced six #1 ranked ladies and possibly more Top 10s than any other shop in our modern era (nationally).






Below is my old website.






Northern California's Top Shop is Always Hiring


Flexible Schedules - Totally Safe and Anonymous


Make $3,000-$5,000+ every day.




Thanks for sitting with me for a few minutes. If you've ever considered seeing how the shoe fits, I'll make you a custom pair. Try it for a week and you'll feel silly you didn't try it sooner.


So, the topic is escorting - the upper levels of the business; an elite lady of convenience for screened, wealthy gentlemen (nice guys, interesting lives). It's a bit like "sugar arrangements" but better money, better boundaries, much safer and totally anonymous. Why have your face on some website where a hiring manager or your ex-boyfriend's friends can find it?


As the local elite shop, I'll get you the top rates and work with whatever your schedule allows. You're smart to be skeptical but the San Francisco-Silicon Valley territory just has a really nice concentration of wealth (#3 in the US). Most ladies work part-time to focus on their school; some take the plunge and live a quasi-celebrity lifestyle.



Some of our old ad photos Some were struggling students; some just spoiled party girls who wanted more.


How's Escorting vs Sugaring? It's embarrassing. Your rent for an overnight? Coffee for chemistry? And face pix? smdh



Who Am I?

With (now) 25+ years of experience (and an SF native), I'm easily the top expert in the region. Results-wise, I'm among the very best in the country. I'm white with a white collar background and, like the ladies I typically work with, come from an educated, suburban family. I'm into solar, cannabis, SPCA (cats) and tv-wise, Incredible Dr Pol, Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow and Anthony Bourdain (now RIP).


Splitting the hairs of excellence:

Many, many years ago, the 5 ladies I was working with at the time were simultaneously #1, #3, #4, #7 and #9 in the official San Francisco rankings (the #1 blonde, #1 red-head and #1 Latina in SF, at once).


Maybe 12 years later, with all new ladies, I (as of 9/1/16) worked with, or started/trained the then current #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6 (under 30 y/o) - and - the #3 in Chicago (under 30). She was previously the #1 in SF (under 30) but moved there for school the previous December.


These ladies represented the #1 ebony, the #1, #2 and #3 Asians, the #1 Latina - and - (under 30) the #1 and #2 white girls. And for the cherry on top, the Chicago girl was #1 in SF (under 30) for three years. And for a 2nd cherry, those current #1 and #2 ladies (in SF, under 30) were then #31 and #42 in the entire U.S. (again, as of 9/1/16).


I don't think there's another shop that can even make these types of claims. The ladies I work with never needed to tour. They dominated their regional markets professionally and only traveled for leisure.


The client community has called me the "Finishing School and The Gold Standard of the Industry". I've been compared to being the only Michelin rated shop in Northern California.



Anonymous and Safe:

Yes and yes. Besides innumerable local nightclub princesses and queens, I've also worked with a Playboy centerfold, a 3-year regional champion of Hawaiian Tropics bikini pageant and a cheerleader for one of our local pro sports teams (while she was actively on their roster). Your anonymity can be guaranteed too, if you follow some common sense rules. As for your safety, likewise, we just don't take those chances.



Your ideal prior experience:

Honestly, none. I really prefer to paint on a blank canvas. That said, a lot of ladies are dabbling in "sugar". The open market has better clients, clearer boundaries and pays WAY more. How high would your bar be if you were already making $10K-$15K/week? Yeah.



Must be/have:

  • 18 to a gym-toned 30ish
  • Punctual and reliable
  • A colorful and outgoing personality
  • >>> Slender to athletic
  • BONUS 1 - A dork.
  • BONUS 2 - light hair/eyes/no tats


Deal Breakers:

  • A ratchet (regardless of ethnicity)
  • Hard drug use
  • Excessive random-ass tattoos/piercings


Your Reply:

  • Name + cell number
  • Age, ht/wt, measurements
  • Photos / links
  • Car?
  • Ideal schedule
  • Tell me a little bit about yourself and what you're looking for



College and Office Cuties:


Make $10,000-$15,000+/week


Models and Athletes:


Make up to $2,500 minimums



Truly Exceptional IG Models:

Up to $2,000/hour and $3,000-$5,000 minimums

~ links + proof photos required


  • 2-3 openings are available
  • Cash paid daily
  • Respectful, executive level clientele

  • FT, PT, temporary/seasonal ok
  • Totally safe and your anonymity can be guaranteed
  • Flexible hours, top pay, college students always welcome
  • As always, dorks preferred, polishing provided


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