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If you happen to be in the area and if you're what I'm looking for, try me. No ratchets or ink. Yes to 20s, fit/happy, light hair/eyes. I'm the first nationally to offer $55K/month and $6-8K/weekend (and that's locally - without touring). The ladies I produce are all top 10 and, if you are what I'm looking for, and can walk the walk, you will be too.


If you're already in Northern California, you should actually be here.

Obviously, I'm a bit different from other shops. Here's who I am and what I'm offering:

The work, of course you know, is escorting - the upper levels of the business; elite ladies of convenience for screened, wealthy gentlemen (nice guys, interesting lives). Yes, escorting is adult entertainment, but as the local elite shop, I can get you the top rates. In the SF market, that's generally $700-$1,500 minimums per appointment. You're smart to be skeptical but San Francisco (and Silicon Valley) just have a really nice concentration of wealth (tied for #3 in the US overall) - plus there's pretty nice weather year round.

Some work part time to focus on their school, some take the plunge and live a quasi-celebrity lifestyle.


Some of our ad photos. Some were struggling students; some polished party girls who just wanted more.


Who Am I?

With over 22 years of experience (and an SF native), I'm the top expert in the region. Results-wise, I'm among the very best in the country. I'm white with a white collar background and, like the ladies I often work with, come from a good people type of family.

Anyway, so, besides helping you stay busy, I develop each girl into her own independent brand. Anyone can keep a new girl busy for a couple months, but what do you do when you're not new anymore? Strippers, porn and webcam girls have the same issue (it's called being shot out or stale chicken). But, it's in this area is where I (and escorting) really separate ourselves from the others.

It's a lot more work than just a simple agency does, but I believe in doing things as well as I know how to do them, and the client community took notice. Like Michelin rated restaurants, my shop now caters to a very particular audience. They appreciate my eye and my style, and I enjoy making everyone happy (you included).


Anonymous and Safe:

If you want to be famous, I can defintiely do that. How big? But, if you prefer to keep it quiet, I've worked with a Playboy centerfold, a 3-year regional champion of Hawaiian Tropics bikini pageant and a cheerleader for a local pro sports team (while she was active on their roster). Your anonymity can be guaranteed too, if you follow some common sense rules. As for your safety, likewise, we just don't take those chances.


Splitting the hairs of excellence:

Many years ago, the 5 ladies I was working with at the time were simultaneously #1, #3, #4, #7 and #9 in the official San Francisco rankings (the #1 blonde, #1 red-head and #1 Latina in SF, at once).


Now, like 12 years later, with all new ladies, I presently (as of 8/27/16) work with, or started/trained the current #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 and recently delisted #4 (under 30 y/o) - and - the #3 in Chicago (under 30). She was previously the #1 in SF (under 30) but moved there for school last Dec.


These ladies represent the #1 ebony, the #1, #2 and #3 asians, the #1 latina - and - (under 30) the #1 and recently de-listed #2 white girls. And for the cherry on top, the Chicago girl was #1 in SF (under 30) for three years. And for a 2nd cherry, those current #1 and #2 ladies (in SF, under 30) are #36 and #42 in the entire U.S. (as of 8/27/16).


Suffice it to say, I know and deliver the upper end of this business like few others.


Your ideal prior experience:
Honestly, none. I really prefer to paint on a blank canvas.
That said, it seems like practically everyone's dabbled in sugardaddy arrangements these days. Too much work, texting. lowballers, bullshit you've heard before. Would you deal with them if you were already making $30-50K/month?


In the context of visiting from out-of-state, unless you have a solid, verifiable reputation, I'm just looking for skinny white and latina girls (18-26 y/o). It's nothing personal. That's just been the focus of my shop for many years and I don't want to disappoint anyone who comes out here. If you're just in SoCal, I can be a bit more flexible (like up to 28ish and Pinay or East Indian).


Trying things out:

(Option 1) - Weekend warrior. Come for a couple days and rampage while you're here. If that fits your life, hey, I have local college kids doing the same thing. $3-4K/day.

(Option 2) - You just move out here. We'll chat a few times before you come. I'll have my standard 50 questions that will get everything understood and figured out. We'll get you started at a modest, but steady pace. Things get going pretty quickly.


Must be/have:

  • 18 to a gym-toned 28ish
  • Punctual and reliable
  • A colorful and outgoing personality
  • >>> Slender to athletic
  • BONUS - light hair/eyes/no tats


Deal Breakers:

  • Ratchet
  • Hard drug use
  • Short hair
  • Excessive tattoos/piercings
  • Out of shape (5+ pounds)
  • Some other misc things that we'll go over if/when we get that far


Your Reply:

  • Name + cell #
  • Age, height/weight, measurements
  • Photos / links
  • Car?
  • Tell me a little bit about yourself and what you're looking for




College / Office Cuties:


$3,000-$6,000+/week (PT) to $8,000-$12,000+/week (FT)


Models and Athletes:

$1,000-$2,500+ minimums

$4,000-$8,000+/week (PT) to $12,000-$17,000+/week (FT)


  • 2-3 openings are available
  • Cash paid daily
  • Executive level clientele
  • FT, PT, temporary/seasonal ok
  • college students always welcome
  • come out to San Francisco for a weekend




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